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Our recruiters will help you meet your high-volume, project-based, or long-term hiring targets.

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Hire C-suite leaders or senior managers through our extensive network and hiring process.

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Grow your team’s in-house skill set as we find the right talent for permanent or niche roles.

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Building a strong relationship with you and understanding what you need to achieve your goals is our top priority, giving you the edge with these benefits:

• Extensive talent reach throughout the Philippines
• Recruitment expertise in various industries and sectors
• Single point-of-contact exclusive for your account
• Save up to 50% in recruitment costs
• Industry-leading recruitment technology and platforms
• Secure candidate database and processing environment
• Lowest-in-the-industry attrition rate of 5.4%

When do you need ETS Consulting?

We’re here to help you with any talent-related challenges you have, including:

• Hard-to-fill roles
• High-volume requirements
• Short-term or project-based hiring
• Save up to 50% in recruitment costs
• Executive and managerial search
• Recruitment strategy and process optimisation

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Why clients love working with us 

Talent search, onboarding, and performance management are seamless between the OneAffiniti and ETS Consulting.

Joel Montgomery

Founder and CEO

We were so thoroughly impressed with the efficiency in which you are able to get these candidates ready for us, but even more impressed with the quality of the candidates.

Haydn Simmons


The recruitment is very strong in such a way that screening made sure only suitable candidates got to the final stages with me.

Matt Ripley

Managing Director

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ETS Consulting is your strategic recruitment partner in the Philippines to help you fulfill high-volume hiring needs, manage key recruitment functions, support your in-house HR team, extend your talent coverage, and ensure high quality-of-hire at all job levels with consideration to your job requirements and specific office location.

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We’re Certified to Find
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ETS Consulting connects your Philippine-based business with the country's top talent.

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